Rotary International

Rotary Club of Chorley Astley

We are incredibly grateful for the support that we have received from The Rotary Club of Chorley Astley, who have been supporting our projects since 2011, and have assisted with the donation of a water tank as well as scholastic materials and school desks to develop the infrastructure of Kishunju Primary School. We are delighted to be partnered with The Rotary Club, and will continue to explore innovative project ideas with them into the near future.

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Rotary International

Rotary Club of Knowle and Dorridge

We are thrilled to be working in partnership with The Rotary Club of Knowle and Dorridge. In March 2016, the club donated 5000 pencils to The Zuri Project Uganda, and supported us to get the pencils out to our partner schools in Kanungu. Going forward, we are very excited about the possibility of collaborating with the club on new projects and we would like to express our thanks for their continued support of our work.

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dgcos & hies


We are delighted to further strengthen the partnerships with The Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) and The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) consumer protection organisations. Over the last two years, the staff and management of both organisations have supported our projects immensely through fundraising events, financial donations and also in forming other partnerships. We are excited to work with DGCOS and HIES in the future to potentially develop a construction and/or renewable energy project.

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AceON Group

We are thrilled to have partnered with sustainable energy pioneers AceOn Group, who are market leaders with their innovative Solar SDS portable solar generators. AceON support a variety of our projects financially through regular donations, and have also pledged to donate a Solar SDS generator for us to deliver an income generating sustainable energy project in Kihembe next year.

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St. Joseph's

St Joseph’s Primary School (Chorley)

We’re delighted that St Joseph’s Primary School in Chorley have linked with Kishunju Primary School in Kihembe to develop a cultural exchange programme, where both students and teachers will exchange letters each term to learn about each other’s different cultures. St Joseph’s will also be holding an annual fundraiser to raise money to support the purchasing of scholastic materials at Kishunju Primary School, as well as hosting an African cultural day each year. If you would like to find out how your primary or secondary school could partner with a school in Uganda, then please get in touch!

Pickled Web Design

Pickled Web Design & Field Design

We are also incredibly grateful to Field Design and Pickled Web Design, who have very kindly designed our logo, marketing materials and website, which has been absolutely vital in order to raise our profile as an organisation in the UK. To view some of their work and to get in touch, please visit their respective websites

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Hello Healing

Hello Healing

Hello Healing is a unique business lead by Rebecca, a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, aimed at improving health and wellbeing through nutritional and lifestyle choices. Rebecca’s passion is helping others on their own journey to better health and we are very excited about the enthusiasm she has shown towards the work we carry out to empower local people to develop and support projects aimed at improving the wellbeing of communities. Rebecca and Hello Healing will be a huge assistance in the development of our nutritional programme based at Kishunju Primary School. To find out more about Hello Healing and the fantastic work they do, check out their website:

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HSA Foundation

The HSA Foundation is a UK registered charity that works with partners around the world to co-develop projects and achieve change through person-centred practices. At The Zuri Project, we are working with the HSA Foundation to explore the use of person-centred practices within the projects that we support in Uganda, to support local people to take control of their own development, and feel empowered to achieve positive, personalised outcomes.

Parbold Douglas

Parbold Douglas Academy

We are delighted to be working with Parbold Douglas Academy, a partnership set up by Zuri Ambassador Jo Eccles. Similarly to our relationship with St Joseph’s, we work with Parbold Douglas to deliver educational workshops about what life is like in Uganda as part of a cultural exchange project. Children also learn to write letters and share their interests with their new found friends in Uganda.


Opportunity Africa

Opportunity Africa

Opportunity Africa is a registered Ugandan NGO based in Kihembe, who support locally led development projects across the three main areas of education, health and agriculture. By conducting regular research into community need and meeting regularly as a board of directors to discuss potential projects across the community, Opportunity Africa are a great organisation to work in partnership with, in order for us to understand the wishes of the community and co-design projects with, in order to meet community need effectively and efficiently.


Kishunju Nursery & Primary School

Kishunju Primary School is at the heart of much of the work that we carry out and it is where all of our projects began back in 2011. The school is very much the focal point of the local community and many of the pilot projects that we have initiated have been co-designed in collaboration with the school directors and teachers. We will continue to work with Kishunju in the future, and hope to develop relationships with other schools in the local community in order to replicate some of our pilot projects.


OPADS International

OPADS International is a social enterprise based in the district of Kanungu. OPADS are cost-effective, washable cloth sanitary pads, which are produced to limit the high rate of menstrual related absenteeism among primary and secondary schools in rural Uganda. Local women work together to make the OPADS, which allows them the opportunity to generate an income to send their own children to school. We are supporting OPADS to deliver a pilot project at Kishunju Primary School with a view to supporting the organisation to grow and expand their outreach across the district of Kanungu. For more information about OPADS, please visit their website:


Bwindi Community Hospital Gardens

We have partnered with Bwindi Community Hospital Gardens to deliver an agricultural outreach programme in Kihembe, where up to 150 community members will receive training in agricultural diversification methods. We are also working closely with BCHG to develop the agricultural project at Kishunju School, as well as looking at ways in which we can support their institutional capacity building. For more information about their projects, please visit: