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August 31, 2016 by

Sack gardening project

At Kishunju Primary School, we are piloting a sack garden project, which will allow the school to grow and cultivate a variety of vegetables in sacks across the school grounds. By using sacks, this will free up lots of land, which can be used to grow maize and other crops that will contribute to the school feeding project. The sacks are environmentally friendly and encourage positive agricultural practices, particularly crop diversification. The vegetables that are grown in the sacks will be consumed by the teachers and students as part of their lunch time meal, and the remaining crops will be sold in the local community and any income that is generated will be reinvested back into the school budget. As part of this project, our project manager, Bright, has set up a demonstration garden at the entrance to the school, and will provide workshops to community members about the sack gardens and encouraging them to use sacks at their own homes.