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August 31, 2016 by

Kishunju Primary School library project

After holding a number of focus groups with the teachers at Kishunju Primary School, we found that the biggest issue facing the teachers was their lack of resource books from which to plan and deliver lessons. When we looked through the library at the school, we found that many of the books they have were badly damaged or out dated and from the old curriculum. This meant that teachers are improvising their lesson plans and have not been able to follow the curriculum as stipulated by the government, which in turn has a negative affect on the grades achieved by the students. Therefore we put together an inventory and agreed to stock the library to ensure that each teacher has one resource book per class, which will enable them to plan the lessons according to the content that is on the Ugandan curriculum. In order to make this project sustainable, we are supporting the expansion of the school vegetable garden by providing more seeds, and are also investigating ways in which we can cultivate high quality coffee on the school land, which in the future will allow the school to generate their own income and buy the necessary scholastics themselves.