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August 31, 2016 by

Kihembe health centre redevelopment

After visiting Kihembe Health Centre in Spring 2016 with Zuri volunteers, it was clear that the health centre is in need of some financial support. The health centre is very run down and has no windows, doors or ceilings in the main centre. There are three members of staff working at the centre and currently they have nowhere to sleep and have to commute from outside the community. Understandably, this often results in people not being able to carry out their work at the health centre and the centre being understaffed to serve the needs of the local people. In the health centre catchment area, there are 1913 people, and it’s the only health centre in the parish. Last year, they started building the staff quarters, but have not got enough money to finish them. There are many ways in which we could support the centre, so we asked the representative board what the most important areas for development were. Given the priorities they have outlined, we are keen to first support the completion of the staff quarters, and see how we work together and whether there is a possibility to support another project in the future.