About the Zuri Project Uganda

The Zuri Project Uganda is a UK registered charity that supports the design, implementation and monitoring of a variety of development projects, that support the improvement of community wellbeing and the alleviation of multi-dimensional poverty, in rural communities across South western Uganda.

Through a basic model of co-production, we engage with local people, through local organisations, to learn about what development projects they would like to design. We then empower local people to get involved in every stage of the project cycle by providing financial support and resources, before ensuring that the projects enrich the lives of the local community by monitoring and evaluating their sustainability.

Zuri Project Uganda
The story of The Zuri Project Uganda started in 2011, when co-founder Martin Hewell visited Uganda for the first time. Martin travelled to the small rural village of Kihembe in South Western Uganda, where he spent 5 months living with the community and learning about the local traditions and cultures. Alongside local councillor Herbert Niwagaba, Martin supported the development of a number of small scale community projects, funded by himself in order to address some of the challenges that the local people were facing.

After three successful years of small-scale fundraising and project development, it was a research visit in 2014 by Ross Young that initiated the next steps for the locally led projects. In order to increase the scope and to take the projects forward, Martin and Ross successfully registered The Zuri Project Uganda with the Charity Commission in February 2015.