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The Zuri Project Uganda

Our Mission
Our mission is to engage with impoverished people in Uganda, through local organisations to co-produce a variety of development projects that will improve their wellbeing.
Our Vision
Our vision is to work towards a Uganda in which people do not suffer from poverty and have the opportunity to develop their own communities.
“We have been involved with the projects in this small community for approximately 4 years through Martin and it has been amazing to see the results of our small efforts. We receive regular updates from both Martin and Herbert with photos of the projects such as toilets and classrooms being built with natural materials by the locals, crops being grown by children with tools we fundraised for and water tanks being installed and used in the community for the first time! We are delighted to be able to help such fantastic projects completed by the locals, for the locals!”Jeff & Sarah Balmer, Donors and Supporters since 2011

The Zuri Project Uganda would like to thank all our supporters, partners and donors! We are sincerely grateful for all the support from the Rotary Club of Chorley Astley, family, friends and all across the world who promote the work we do and donate towards our projects; it is much appreciated!

Last Cause List

Raised: £0,00 Goal: £0,00

Sack gardening project

At Kishunju Primary School, we are piloting a sack

Raised: £0,00 Goal: £0,00

Kishunju Primary School library project

After holding a number of focus groups with the

Raised: £0,00 Goal: £0,00

Kihembe health centre redevelopment

After visiting Kihembe Health Centre in Spring 2016

Raised: £0,00 Goal: £0,00

Solar SDS income generation project

Thanks to our partners AceOn Group, we have set up an